My artworks, they invite you on an irrational journey, they are intense, outside of any rational doctrine. In order to understand the madness and serenity hidden inside my plastic artworks, I offer the possibility to apply the sense of touch. Stand in front of it, observe it closely and like the best lover, slide your fingertips along its solidified roughness and reliefs until they fuse together and become part of the same entity. 


Painter, plastic artist, photographer, the surname Vilches is strongly associated nowadays with the Abstract Neoexpresionist movement.

As a self-taught artist, my artistic talents have surfaced from an early age under my father’s influence, from who I inherited the spontaneity and pictorial language that flows in my blood.



If you like any of my work, if you wish to give someone a special or personalized present, or if you want to decorate your home or your work place, you can contact me via my home page, E-mail, Facebook, Instagram…

Carlos Vilches Ramos
+34 629 623 380              +34 629 623 380

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